100 things in 1000 days

Oh I know. I know.

I am not the only person doing 100 things at the moment


I AM soOo glad I came across THIS now even though it talks about 101 things.


I rounded off the number to be kinder to myself because when someone tells you they have 101 things to do, it sounds like they’re frazzled. And secondly, well … 100. It’s rounder-looking – right.

I wasn’t 100% sure how to begin my time off now that I’m retired AKA not working. 

Now I am. 

(100% sure and working again)

I am going to begin on the day after my birthday ➸ 23 September. This will give me time to finish my list where I will hit the road running … in the right direction. 

Older. Wiser. ME!

FullSizeRender 2

i. Write post about Creating 100 Things in 1000 Days List (count days, edit + post) DONE!

ii. Brain Dump(s) AKA Brainstorm(s). DONE!

 I created this Activities Form below to use after the blank paper Brain Dump I did!

I’ve been using Time System forms for decades and have made it my own based on planners I’ve tried over the years but the Time system won serious awards back in the 1980’s – it’s a hard one to beat. This form is a riff off their Activities Form.
[for some more mundane things on my list – if I don’t get around to doing them, I can just repeat the number the following day (and the following day) until there’s time do to them and I can just refer to the sheet to see what I have to do without writing it over every day … it’s an easy page to create in a bullet journal, too, i.e., columns can be lined up differently] 
Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 12.43.24 AM.png

   iii. Categorize 100 Things List before 22 Sept 2017. Celebrate!


100 things in 1000 days

(almost 2.75 years)

  1. Set up hosting (Labour Day Sale 70% off Siteground) 3 years – DONE (but not set up)
  2. Ready. Set. Go. Post – 23 Sept 2017 – 20 June 2020! DONE (but then taken down – not good enough)
  3. Write & Publish  Next Post for brendaintoronto.com about Making A List + Creating Project Sheet OR Create a FUN activities list to use (one with drawings on it + free-hand lettering)
  4. Learn how to make a PDF opt-in
  5. Learn how to add hosting
  6. Learn how to use DIVI and all those themes
  7. Finish Productivity Cure Course (again)
  8. Keep writing those short stories (Doing this EVERY day) YAY
  9. Commit to doing art for an art show DONE … WHoOT! and posted on my Insta
  10. Learn how to do more posting on Instagram and share posts




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