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99 days left on the wall (calendar(s)



Yesterday (Sunday) was my birthday. It falls 100 days before the end of the year … the day before Fall officially begins and on the day after Leonard Cohen’s birthday. I’m on the cusp of two astrological signs (but truth be told, I’m really more of a numerologist than astrologer …  Yes, there are twelve signs but it’s so layered with rising planets and so many moons. In numerology, there are 9 numbers (well counting the Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33 there are 12) but rotating through a dozen fixed numbers seems easy compared to what’s going on in astrology. I could be wrong. It just feels a lot easier to me which helps me ensure things don’t fall through the cracks when I’m planning ( yes, I track the numbers of my personal days and years and use them to help me create goals). It’s an efficient system covering everything every nine days which makes it interesting to the number nerd in me as it’s spread over 7-day weeks.

More simply put, I took a look at my goals for 2019 much like a Virgo/Libra would, examining them under a microscope after taking a little escape velocity break to view the overview through my telescopic lense … then, in an attempt to balance both, I did a little calendar tweaking and things are on a roll. I feel stuff will definitely start happening soon! Plus, as a back up comment … on my birthday, I entered an 8 personal year where one supposedly reaps what one has sown and this begins around the time of one’s birthday and really kicks in as the New Year begins. I’ve sown a lot this past 7 personal (reflection) year. I really like to do this exercise at this time – also – because it’s just before I make my 2am (the time I was born-ish according to Mom) birthday wish(es).


IMG_6993 4.jpgI went up to my new roof deck swing thing and sat there peacefully while I thought carefully about what I wanted … for myself, the world and everyone in it. I figure at this age, I can make a bunch of wishes. The world’s a big mess – I include you and everyone else and all my thoughts as I know I’d be nowhere without y’all (I lived half a decade in the States so I come by saying y’all honestly).

It was dark. The stars were twinkling. I’m glad I set an alarm so I could do this. It felt good!

When I set up my Annual Goals, I use the 100 Days Happiness Planner as a TaDa Recorder Journal (and no, I’m not an affiliate – just really like it based on using four 100 Days over the course of a full year now with daily success). There is really something extra that happens ticking off what makes you happy and recording what’s actually gotten done! Often things pop up that are annoying and we have to do them and they get in the way of what we really wanted to do BUT dodging them feels better when they are written down as accomplishments at the end of the day.

Before the TaDa’s though come the ToDo’s. I’m still toggling around with my To Do Journal Lists system(s). Yeah – there have been a few forays into this journal and that journal and some of the ones I still use … well, some are all over the place. Right now I’m using a Moleskine Monthly Block Calendar which I like because it’s got a 2-page spread that’s big enough to accommodate my Next Step “Project ToDo” post-its that often also are generated from a random coded Activities List I write things down on as I think of them. I also use Notes and a closed daily website for this type of thing so stuff can get spread out …  again, it comes together though with a moveable feast of post-its to feats where I expand upon them once they make their way into my 18-Month Weekly Lechtturm Journal. I can’t seem to take the ‘teacher’ out of me. While I do love to start my year in January, like everyone else, Fall still calls and I get a new wind and tend to crave to hit a refresh button after a good exercise of review and renew.

I use Monthly and Weekly Journals to house post-its to layout Long, Medium and Short-Term Goals. They fly back and forth between the Moleskine and the Leuchtturm and I try to photograph them on my iPhone daily in order to keep track of their latest iterations and so I always have it on me when I’m out and about (Canadian here … we say that with a bit of a British accent oot’n aboot … Grammarly just did cartwheels over that – haha).

BUT I now have another plan(ner) in mind and will be soon testing it out … as soon as it arrives … a set of four 100-Day ToDo journals that I believe might really complement the four TaDa’s I use. I think this will tick some big boxes. This set has a Monthly Block layout so I can do away with the Moleskine (which I might not be saying good-bye to forever as I do have specific things I do set up with their own frameworks).

Did I forget to mention I also use Business Planners for pending Reno Projects I call HOMEwork (told you I can’t take the teacher out of me) and I have a Maker’s Journal (or two) for this new Jewelry Biz I’ve been working away for a year now on? No. Well. Yes. I do.

And I want to keep using them all so I can keep things separated. These other systems bring things together. These new complementary 100-Day systems which break the year up into quarters. It gets complicated because academic calendar years are in my blood and broken down in thirds (Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr and May/Jun/Jul/Aug and Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec) soOOo with all these configurations tugging at the last of my nerdy nerves, I find I can pull my ToDo’s and TaDa’s together using separate journals and specific codes with weekend Review and Renews on all the things to keep things sorted

I know it sounds complicated, and I’m sure it is to many … but believe me – it works for me. And there are times that I let it all go to ratshit but having a good system in place ensures I can more easily pick up the pieces because they all have places they belong.

Back in the day when I first began using an organizer, I was fortunate to have been introduced to the Time Design System by a graphic designer I worked for. It is now referred to as TimeSystem (they obviously got to the internet too late to snag the domain name). Many still use it but many have left it behind and still many more go back to it decades later after realizing they can’t easily find anything out there that quite fits the bill. It’s won International Awards for it’s flexibility and cross-referencing abilities. I was hooked, too, but over time, because it consisted of loose pages in binders … I think you see where this is going (drop it once and don’t take time to put it all back in order. OK – I see now after reading aforementioned forum threads how some are scanning printed pages to keep them on hand … better still though I’ve eliminated printouts by creating pdf’s for Kindle … the system failed me mostly though because of all the loose pages. That said, there’s still a place for them. I am using it for a 9-week Bootcamp I am about to begin because I know there will be overlap with another course I am plodding my way through and I’ll be able to take sheets out to use alongside the other course. It means I need to number the pages though and make sure I put them back – that and/or photograph them and create a pdf). It’s not perfect but it’s pretty good.

When I began my search for bound books … I found it took an entire city of villages (as a metaphor I believe this kind of works … Toronto has been like this for me on a number of levels which I’ll talk about another time) to almost handle all my needs. BUT I think I have found that bit of something more.

I’m about to have one of my b’day wishes granted … with icing on the cake! … having my cake and eat it, too … OK – I’ll stop. Time will tell. I’ll let you know.

But not before I tell you that it’s Michael Hyatt’s four 100-Day Full Focus Planners.

Again, I have no affiliate benefits from anyone using any of these. His is just soOOo organized and well-planned out. He/they have thought of almost EVERYTHING.


I hope it’s going to sync well with all my others.

Maybe someday, I’ll create my own bound books based on the research and all this effort I’ve expended with Time Design which many find too complex to actually use full out … but it did almost truly manage to almost successfully organize the life of this multipotentialite .

And then there’s the Bullet Journal. Ryder Carrol seems to have successfully discovered something that provides him and so many others with all the solutions they need to create the perfect personal systems for themselves. And while I LOVE LOVE LOVE his system, I just can’t keep everything in just one bound book either.

I need something somewhere in between these two systems … (and sorry but I like not having to write and draw the same designs and things over and over again.

I write A LOT and want what I write to be different enough that when I write it, I feel the variety. Even writing ‘Next Steps’ of a Project are different enough for me. The way I’ve set things up, I can move post-its if I need to repeat something verbatim. And, seriously, I would need something the size of a rolling suitcase for what I often get up to in a week (and even on some days). Being able to separate my books allows me to compartmentalize and carry and keep just what I need when and where I need it/them. There are days I grab a specific pile of books and head up 4 flights to my roof deck to finish off my day. Having to clunk up and down with everything would wear me and my rug out – fast.

Did I mention I also blather on and on and that I journal daily online using a closed (I think I did) I have a blog that’s just for me … where I process stuff so I know how I want things to go down and so I know where everything goes. It operates as a brain dump where I hold consequent brainstorm sessions of sorts. Better not to have all that for all to see nor on papers everywhere.

And have I got all the systems for saving online information … many, many closed blogs exist where I keep videos on things that have taught me what I need to know and want to be able to easily refer back to. I bookmark a lot of what I read on FaceBook and Twitter. PDF’s on Kindle, etc. I don’t use Insta very much (yet) but I think I’m going to have to figure it and Pinterest soon. And in Mail, I use smart mailboxes for current projects and mailboxes as ongoing abeyance files. There are file folders and Notes … I’m sure there’s more. It will all come out as I very Virgo overshare these next 100 days or so.

Did I mention, I’m listening to the audiobook, The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte while I prepare dinner. It’s everything the Happiness Planner is about! I LOVE it.

SIDE NOTE: One of the techies at work, when he was transferring files over to my new computer, said, “Oh – so you’ve single-handedly managed to bookmark the internet, I see.”  He could have been a little more subtle (though inside I was killing myself trying not to laugh because I thought how very astute commenting like that with such a straightface … I questioned him with a face as straight as his asking, “Are there too many?”. He replied. No. No. Not at all. I almost died. Sarcasm dished perfectly back … the lowest form of humour … and I loved it. I saw his buddy take it to mean they’d not be going for that beer after work. Maybe I should have bought him a six-pak. Touché. Here we are! I KNEW it! I’d somehow be able to work the 99 bottles of beer on the wall song into this post.

Hi-5. Me.

In case you are into any of this in as tangible a way, as I am …  here is Day 1 and 2 of the Happiness Planner’s Workshop Screenshot of their Handout for Completing the Year’s Happiness Goals.

Have fun. It doesn’t have to be complicated. I love how the Full Focus Planner starts with – just plan a day to start … move to plan a week later … then a month. Well, maybe that’s me talking now. But hey. It works …

Any big goals or projects you’re aiming to complete by year-end?

Have you written down your next step! It’s critical. Writing down each Next Step is critiCAL!

Let me know below in the comments!

Let’s. Do. This.


Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 1.53.16 PM


Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 1.53.38 PM

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 1.53.48 PM.png

—————————————- DAY 2 ————————————


Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 5.30.51 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-24 at 5.31.11 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-24 at 5.31.32 PM.png