2019 Jewelry Projects in Process

I made this ring yesterday for fun. It’s adjustable and it floats over my middle finger and my baby finger … depending!IMG_4352.jpgIMG_4335.jpgIMG_4351.jpg


I am currently working on a more complex project now … this pendant. It can be worn front-to-back or back-to-front to show off both sides of the stone. I’m using two different bezel techniques, too.

Right now, I am working out the design for a rectangular chimney bale using cardboard and tape. I want to make it so that will be flat on top and so the chain fits through the sides.

I will then make the chain. It will have a single, round, matching, yellow Jasper bead representing the sun. The sun will float above this little tiny house on the side opposite the chimney.


Here are some close-ups of it as a work-in-progress. IMG_4326.jpgI keep it and all it’s little bits in a tin held together iwth pretty elastics 😉


IMG_4299.jpgHere is the bezel from the back. It’s almost there … but not yet soldered … I am still working on setting the square wire inside so it fits perfectly without any gaps.


IMG_4304.jpgThe square wire is now sitting flat against the gemstone.


IMG_4303.jpgHere you can see the square wire separated from the bezel frame.


IMG_4298.jpgAnd here is what it looks like on the other side. I’ll be bending the edges to set the stone in once I even out the sides and finish soldering on the chimney bale.


I have another couple of projects on the go as well. This ring needs more polishing. 



ring 3 .jpg

It also has a triangle and a square cut out.


I am working on a matching bracelet.