2019 Jewelry Projects in Process

I made this ring yesterday for fun. It’s adjustable and it floats over my middle finger and my baby finger … depending!

I wore it to a studio party the other night and it withstood the test of packing and unpacking bags full of serving trays with various cheeses, fruits and vegs coming in and out … then doing wash-up, cutting and prep with my friend. It’s sturdier than it looks!IMG_4352.jpgIMG_4335.jpgIMG_4351.jpg


I am currently working on a more complex project now … the pendant (below). It can be worn front-to-back … or back-to-front … to show off both sides of this beautiful stone.

I’m using two different bezel techniques, too.


Here are some close-ups of it as a work-in-progress. IMG_4326.jpgI keep it and all its little bits in a tin held together with pretty elastics 😉


IMG_4299.jpgHere is the bezel from the back. It’s almost perfectly aligned to fit in (a few more bumps with a hammer and squeezes with pliers) … not yet soldered … still working on setting that square wire inside so it fits perfectly without any gaps … solder doesn’t like gaps!


IMG_4304.jpgThe square wire is now sitting flat against the gemstone and the gemstone fits nice and tightly within the bezel frame. You can’t see me but I’m dancing around the dining room.


IMG_4303.jpgHere you can see the square wire separated from the bezel frame I have to clean it. Solder is a fussy friend – it doesn’t like dirt either.


IMG_4298.jpgAnd here is what it looks like on the other side. I’ll be bending the edges to set the stone in once I even out the sides and finish soldering on the chimney bale. I have to make the chimney first using cardboard where I can make all the mistakes (and I sense there will be many judging by all the angles and the fact I want to have it flat at the top where the chain will slide through – so it hangs well).

I will then make the chain. It will have a single, round, matching, yellow Jasper bead. The sun will float above this little tiny house on the side opposite the chimney. Balance, my friend. Balance!

I have another couple of projects on the go as well. This ring needs more polishing. It fits on my thumb, too, and I can twist it to show different shapes depending on the day (or time of day). Small things amuse me, obviously … ah but you’re smiling, too, I see.



ring 3 .jpg

It also has a triangle and a square cut out.

I have secret plans for it after this though, too … all will be revealed at a later date – just wait!


I am working on a matching bracelet.