Dragon Well Green Tea


I received a complimentary pouch of the well-known Dragon Well Lung Ching Green Tea to try from umiteasets. When asked to chose a type of tea I would like to do a tasting of, I put the ball back in their court and asked them to choose for me based on what they would think I might enjoy based on my Instagram posts. I don’t pretend to be an expert on tea by any stretch and I have not made even a small dent in the spectrum of teas to be tried – though I know what I like and that I like way too many teas for my budget.

I had switched from black teas to drinking green by the time their package arrived. This decision had a lot to do with the weather. It’s getting hot here in Toronto. They choose well. I will start by saying I really like this tea.

It makes a refreshing Summer beverage both with and without ice, plain or blended with subtle additions like rose petals and/or orange. This is not to say, I feel it doesn’t stand on it’s own but rather it speaks to its versatility. After all, it is one of the top ten Great Teas of China.

I’ve written a couple of posts on Instagram about it. The first post went into a description and tasting notes I enjoyed and the second post introduced blending it with citrus. At some point, I will make a Jun kombucha with it as I fully expect it will complement it’s delicate flavours.

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