About the Drawing Blog

I created the drawing blog to augment foundation drawing curriculum in the Art Fundamentals Program at Sheridan College AKA Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning … soon to be Sheridan University. When you’ve been in a career this long there are bound to be new iterations but a rose is still a rose.

As Head of Figure Drawing, I posted regularly and I took content down at the end of each Semester. Students follow a common curriculum. Many use their drawing skills to successfully develop portfolio applications and go on to study Animation and Illustration here. Students are also using this year to prepare for other visual arts programs at Sheridan (Art & Art History, Bachelor of Design, Crafts & Design, Game Design, Visual Merchandizing, Photography, Media, etc) as well as other schools in the GTA, Canada and abroad. I taught 6 of the 13 classes.

Two quick videos – and yup – I forgot to turn my iPhone sideways … didn’t fully realize how difficult pointing the camera, drawing and talking would be.

I decided not to overthink that I’d never shot video before because I wanted to give an idea of the drawing process I use even if it felt a bit like rubbing my belly, hopping on on foot and patting my head in the process. Things will improve. I promise.

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