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January Citrus Challenge 2019


There’s a new Citrus Challenge going on again and it appears to be an ‘anything citrus’ goes so that opens it up.  I’ll toss my 2nd ferment lemon ginger kombucha into the ring before the end of the month if someone takes me up on this and provides a guest post before the end of January.

I first participated two years ago and made my first real marmalade. Before this, I’d played around with hoards of extra zucchini from my garden and cooked up a pretty tasty fake marmalade

Submit your post to so I can add it to my blog.

And here’s where you can submit your entry if you want to officially join the Food In Jars community and continue with their monthly challenges … and post on your own blog. I only got as a far as the citrus challenge in January of 2017 but I am about to take up the challenge again for 2019 – if I get any takers this month.

Are you in?

UPDATE: I took a look at jenny veleke’s salt recipe and added grated organic lemon peel using the Salamoia Bolognese recipe I started making years ago from Gayla’s recipe on You Grow Girl. It’s running a close 2nd as my favourite seasoning. I added my own touch to this marriage of both recipes and grated freshly ground black pepper into the mix.



Ready. Set. Go.

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