About Me

I live in Toronto.

My name is Brenda. I am an artist (drawing and painting) and a potter (miniature teapots), a writer (poetry and short stories) and a gardener (mostly vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers). I recently discovered metalsmithing and am making jewelry (so very excited as I am about to set up a shop)!

I was a foundation art professor for 25+ years at Sheridan College. It was a job I loved. I retired in June 2017 and I’m sharing what life has been like after a career in teaching.

it's me

I am looking forward to having time to discover who I am without ‘the’ job to prop me up and will be continuing my art and writing practices. I have a novel in a suitcase somewhere (I think I know where it is). I studied creative writing at Ottawa University with Seymour Mayne, OCA (now OCADU) with George Miller and Humber College with Graeme Gibson and Margaret Atwood in a Summer Workshop (talk about a rare stereo experience with the two of them in our tiny class of seven students). I’m now doing Margaret’s Masterclass online and I recently took a writing course called Book on Fire with Donna Barker at the end of 2017. I am currently working on a collection of short stories … and, there are some illustrations I did for Sandra Dedrick of The Free Design for the song, Love You.

Friends nicknamed me Bre.

I planted some seeds once and blogged a bit about my garden for a decade thereon afterward using the avatar, gardenbre, and am on twitter as such. The name has grown on me to the point sometimes I have to remind myself I am notgardenbre.

iris and me

 in Paris pretending to drink from a fountain spitting water from statue’s orifice

I garden in the High Park Allotment and in containers on a South-facing roof deck in downtown Toronto … so there will be seedlings and garden notes and recipes … some botanical drawings … a little calligraphy … some DIY reno HOMEwork projects because my home’s screaming for some love …

here are some old garden posts …

I’ll be using a new twitter, setting up shop on etsy and using this Facebook business page and here’s my instagram

I wanted to be a professional blogger when I was older. That time is nigh.

The plan is was to do 100 things in 1000 days and talk about it like there’s no tomorrow.


Life took some quick turns left and then right



I took my first jewelry course

and then another and another and another and …

and soOoo

thesterlingyears.com -ing soon!

see some of what I’ve been up to in jewelry-making!

FullSizeRender copy 3.jpg

I’m setting up the blog on thesterlingyears.com and the shop will be at oneseedwonders.com … with luck things will be seamlessly connected and launching before the New Year.

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