About Me

My name is Brenda. I live in Toronto. I am an artist and a writer and a gardener. I was a foundations art professor for 25+ years at Sheridan College. It was a job I loved. I retired in June 2017 and I’ll be sharing what life’s like after teaching through my 100 Things in 1000 Days List.

it's me

I am looking forward to having time to discover who I am without a job to prop me up and will be continuing my art practice. I have a novel in a suitcase somewhere (I think I know where it is now AND I took a writing course called Book on Fire with Donna Barker at the end of 2017 and am now committing to having a collection of nine, theme-related, short stories completed for 2019) … and, of course there are the illustrations I did for a children’s book (see Love You Project Page).

I wanted to be a professional blogger when I was older. The time is nigh.

Friends nicknamed me Bre.

I planted some seeds once and blogged about my garden for a decade thereon afterwards using the avatar, gardenbre, and am on twitter as such. The name has grown on me to the point sometimes I have to remind myself now that I am notgardenbre.

iris and me

I garden in the High Park Allotment Gardens and in containers on a South-facing roof deck in downtown Toronto … and there will more seedlings and garden notes and recipes … some botanical drawings … a little calligraphy … there will be DIY reno HOMEwork project after pics because my home’s been screaming for some love …


So – the plan is to do 100 things in 1000 days and talk about it like there’s no tomorrow.

here are some old garden posts …

here is a good place to start on this blog if you want to see where I am on the 100 things

I’ll be using a new twitter, setting up shop on etsy and using this Facebook business page and here’s my instagram


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